John C. Nwagwu

John Chijioke Nwagwu

John is a Geographic Information Systems professional with over 15 years’ experience applying geographic analysis and technologies for improved information management and decision support systems. His expertise includes advanced satellite image processing, land use land cover mapping; time-series analysis; participatory environmental risk assessment; spatial decision support model design; program reporting, monitoring, and evaluation.

His background in computer science informs his drive to build on his foundations in spatial system integration and development. In the process he has developed and formulated standard operating procedures for a number of processes and spatial data management including research reports writing and metadata development. He has developed and produced a variety of map products in ArcMap.

His continuous quest for knowledge and determination to turn spatial data into critical national resource has contributed to his appointment at the National Space Research and Development Agency where he is helping to improve the development of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

John is an avid reader and speaker, he frequently speaks at youth empowerment events and serves as a committed volunteer playing leadership roles in the mentoring of young people in GIS, Remote Sensing and Information Systems.