The advances in geosciences have opened many areas of application of geospatial information for research, development and frontiers of intellectual development. There has been increasing awareness of the use of geospatial information for effective decision-making over the years, coupled with the increase availability of both primary and secondary datasets from the practitioners in the country. This has led to the realization for the need to establish a society to promote the multi-disciplinary nature of geospatial information and technology. In addition, there is an urgent need to adopt policies for promoting greater awareness and public access to standards and coordinated geospatial data production, usage, management and dissemination. The aim of this society is therefore to ensure that geospatial information and its services permeate every aspect of the society for accelerated socio-economic development of Nigeria in particular and the World in general .

Our Vision

To promote and facilitate geospatial information integration, knowledge and innovation sharing among members and institutions in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

As we recognize that Geoinformation is multidisciplinary in nature, our ethical responsibilities extend to the public, to our clients and to our peer. Accordingly, we acknowledge and identify the basic values of integrity, competence, equality and social awareness and hereafter uphold and advance these values by:

  • 1) Supporting and participating in the continuing development of Geoinformation.
  • 2) Giving service to mankind in honesty and forthrightness within the ambits of Geoinformation.
  • 3) Recognizing the inalienable rights of our members and indeed the rights of other professionals in the quest to develop the course of science and humanity in Nigeria in particular and world at large;
  • 4) Using our expertise for enhancement of human welfare and for the stewardship of national resources via the applications of Geoinformation.
  • 5) Advancement of Geoinformation through encouragement and promoting of cutting edge technologies, research, applications, and development.

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