The advances in Geoinformation have opened many areas of applications of geospatial information for research, development and frontiers of intellectual development. There has been increasing awareness of the use of geospatial information for effective decision-making over the years, coupled with increased availability of both primary and secondary datasets from the practitioners in the country. This has led to the realization for the need to establish a society to promote the multi-disciplinary nature of geospatial information and technology.

In addition, there is an urgent need to adopt policies for promoting greater awareness and public access to standards and coordinated geospatial data production, usage, management and dissemination. The aim of this Society is therefore to ensure that geospatial information and its services permeate every aspect of the society for accelerated socio-economic development of Nigeria in particular and the World in general.

Nigerians engaged in the generation and application of Geoinformation whether as scientists, geographers, land surveyors, engineers, geologists, planners, academics and other professionals and students of related disciplines have agreed to come together to form a non-profit, and non-partisan National Body for the development, advancement and applications of Geoinformation technologies:

WHEREAS, there is a need for such body to speak with one voice and offer its advice on national issues related to Geoinformation and to set and maintain standards applicable to Geoinformation as well as enforcement of compliance to the standards.


As we recognize that Geoinformation is multidisciplinary in nature, our ethical responsibilities extend to the public, to our clients and to our peers. Accordingly, we acknowledge and identify the basic values of integrity, competence, equality and social awareness and hereafter uphold and advance these values by;

  • Supporting and participating in the continuing development of Geoinformation;
  •  Giving service to mankind in honesty and forthrightness within the ambits of Geoinformation;
  •   Recognizing the inalienable rights of our members and indeed the rights of other professionals in the quest to develop the course of science and humanity in Nigeria in particular and world at large;
  •   Using our expertise for enhancement of human welfare and for the stewardship of national resources via the applications of Geoinformation; and
  • Advancement of Geoinformation through encouragement and promotion of cutting edge, technologies, research, applications, and development.


To promote and facilitate geospatial information Integration, Knowledge and Innovation sharing among members and institutions in Nigeria and beyond.


  • To initiate, coordinate and advance scientific knowledge and research in the various disciplines where Geoinformation is applicable in Nigeria and beyond.
  • To provide avenue for free exchange of ideas between members of GEOINFORMATION SOCIETY OF NIGERIA in Nigeria and other countries of the world.
  • To promote public awareness for the applications of

Geoinformation and the related sciences.

  • To promote and encourage research, training and education in Geoinformation.
  • To establish, maintain and enforce standards for competence and

Performance for the various disciplines in Geoinformation management and the related Sciences.

  • To encourage the publishing, circulation and exchange of scientific papers, journals, dealing with Geoinformation and other related sciences.
  •  To hold conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, discussions, technical tours and social events concerned with particular aspects of Geoinformation and related disciplines.
  • To further and foster the national and international recognition and understanding of Geoinformation and its various applications.
  • To recognize and honour achievers in any areas of Geoinformation by administering varieties of awards to honour the achievements of individuals, groups or institutions.

Surv. Dr. Fitka S. Bilshakka (PhD, FGEOSON, FIARSA, FICAS, FCIDA, MNIS)


Currently Vice- President as well as a Fellow of Geoinformation Society of Nigeria and fellows of the International Association of Research Scholars and Administrators, the Institute of Corporate Administrative Sciences and the Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration. Vice-Chairman of Nigerian Institution of Surveyors, FCT Branch. Geospatial Scientist with Twenty- seven Years’ Experience.

I am an alumnus of prestigious and famous institutions: Kaduna Polytechnic (HND), African Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology under the auspices of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife, Osun State (PGD-GIS). Federal University of Technology (PGD-CS), Minna, Niger State. University of Twente (MSc-LA), Enschede. Netherlands. The University of America (PhD), Temecula, California, USA.

I have multi-disciplinary academic and professional background from Surveying and Mapping to Geoinformatics. My research is focused on environmental, disaster management, geospatial-intelligence, socio-economic, and many more for sustainable development and survival of mankind.

An Active Member of International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), America congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), Netherlands Association of Geo-Information Professionals (NAGP), Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and many other groups.

Registered Surveyor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Geoinformatician, Member, Nigeria Institution of Surveyors, Member, Presidential Technical Committee on Land Reform. I am happily married and blessed with children. My hobbies include basketball, reading, making friends and enjoy travelling for tourism.


Dr. Godstime James FGEOSON

Vice President


John C. Nwagwu

Assistant General Secretary

John is a Geographic Information Systems professional with over 15 years’ experience applying geographic analysis and technologies for improved information management and decision support systems. His expertise includes advanced satellite image processing, land use land cover mapping; time-series analysis; participatory environmental risk assessment; spatial decision support model design; program reporting, monitoring, and evaluation.

His background in computer science informs his drive to build on his foundations in spatial system integration and development. In the process he has developed and formulated standard operating procedures for a number of processes and spatial data management including research reports writing and metadata development. He has developed and produced a variety of map products in ArcMap.

His continuous quest for knowledge and determination to turn spatial data into critical national resource has contributed to his appointment at the National Space Research and Development Agency where he is helping to improve the development of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

John is an avid reader and speaker, he frequently speaks at youth empowerment events and serves as a committed volunteer playing leadership roles in the mentoring of young people in GIS, Remote Sensing and Information Systems.

Dr. Asma T. Ibrahim

Financial Secretary

Asma T. Ibrahim is the acting Director of the Nigerian coordinating office of the Atlantic International Research Centre located at the National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA. The AIR Centre provides a shared international environment to support research activities and work towards finding knowledge driven solutions to the global societal challenges facing the world today.
She has also headed the Climate Change Division of the Strategic Space Applications Department, National Space Research and Development Agency where she has initiated a research to generate in country CO2 emission factors. She is a member of the Nigerian Inter-ministerial Committee on Climate Change, which has been involved in implementing UNFCCC initiatives on climate change such as assessing the Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contirbutions, and the Biennial Update Reports.

She was a lecturer at Bayero University Kano from 1991 to 2010, where she was involved in teaching and research. Her research interests have included:

• Investigations into Air Pollution and Green House Gas Emissions Inventory.
• Investigating Relationship between NDVI and CO2 Concentrations in Atmosphere.
• Assessing changes in the Lake Chad water level dynamics using Radar Altimeter Data.
• Investigations on Regeneration Potential of Trees in Savannah Ecozone of Northern Nigeria.
• Development of Model for Classifying and Estimating Tree Vegetation Regeneration Potential.
• Analyses and Comparison of Chemical Components of Water Bodies and Related Types of Effluence.

She was also recently involved (2018) in an ECOWAS led regional Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of the Lake Chad Region. She holds a PhD in Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is a currently an executive member of Geoinformation Society of Nigeria (GEOSON) and a member of Nigerian Geographical Association.

Dr. Hadiza Aminu Tukur


To be Updated

Surv. Vincent O. Onwumere

Public Relations Secretary

Phone: +234 7030885306
E-mail: publicrelationssecretary@geoson.org, vincentojinnaka@yahoo.com

Vincent is a Surveyor and Geoinformation expert with interest in application of Geo-spatial technology and Geomatic Science in solving environmental and infrastructural challenges.

His career has span through private and public sector where I was involved in notable projects like RIVGIS, NAGIS, KADGIS, GOGIS and NEWMAP. I have worked in various organizations that applies Geo-spatial technology in Environment resources management, photogrammetry/aerial mapping, infrastructural design and urban renewal.

Vincent is an alumnus of prestigious and famous institutions: University of Nigeria, Nsukka (BSc) and Nasarawa State University Keffi (MSC), where I studied Surveying and Geoinformatics; and Geographic Information Science respectively.

He has worked in several multicultural organizations with professionals from Europe, America, Africa and Australia. These experience combined with some leadership positions I held in the past have continuously geared me to pursue professional excellence.

He is a Registered Surveyor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Geoinformatician, Member, Nigeria Institution of Surveyors, Member. and happily.

Ms. Ngozi Iyase

Internal Auditor

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